5 Stretching Mistakes to Avoid

stretches Aug 19, 2014
5 Stretching Mistakes to Avoid

Hey Actionistas! You know I'm an advocate of stretching. I stretch every day and incorporate it into my fitness routine every day. I give many tips on stretching, and this is my first DO NOT DO post on stretching. So read my 5 MISTAKES TO AVOID when stretching below, and leave your comments below!

1. BOUNCING: bouncing can cause muscle tears. Ballistic stretching triggers the muscle to tighten as a defense. Instead, gradually hold stretches, and come out of stretches with ease.

2. WRONG POSITION: to know you're in the right position, the muscle you are stretching should feel tense, and then loose after stretching.

3. STRETCHING AN INJURED MUSCLE: this can make the injury worse. If muscle pain doesn't go away in about 4 days then you should get it checked out. Gradually introduce low-intensity stretching, and foam rolling to the inflicted muscle.

4. STRETCHING COLD: warming up for about 5-10 minutes is always a good idea before embarking on deep stretching. Warm-up exercises could be a light jog, jumping jacks, high knees, a vinyasa yoga flow, etc.

5. TOO HARD: stretching beyond your limits can cause tearing in the muscle. The stretch is going to be uncomfortable, but not painful. Remember it takes time to increase flexibility.

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