Do this quick & effective workout for a total body tone!

Nov 30, 2021

This 20 Min Full Body Barre Definition For Lean Muscles is guaranteed to leave you feeling better than when you started. You are going to experience your muscles in a new & transformative way!

Think mind-muscle connection. Really squuuueeeze the muscle we are working. 

💥 20 Unique Exercises
💥 50 seconds on / 10 seconds off
💥 No repeats

Don't let the short time fool you - your muscles are going to be feelin' the burn after this class!

Let's get it!

Equipment: optional 1 lb ankle weights. If you don't have equipment definitely still join us, you can totally still get a sweat without 'em.

If you enjoyed this workout and want more just like it you can start your 7-day RISK FREE trial of the Stretchy Fit app HERE. I have an entire category of barre classes just waiting for you. :)

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