Stretchy Fit App Exclusive 30 Day Program for April!

programs Apr 02, 2021

April is here! Which means we're getting closer to summer, yay! It also means your new Stretchy Fit App monthly calendar starts!

And for this 30 day plan, I kept your goals in mind and included the perfect balance of fun Dance, soothing Yoga, and sculpting Pilates to help you TONE YOUR TUMMY for these summer months to come :)

Introducing: April Abs!

Your fitness solution for April...I gotchu girl. :) Here's what you get when you start your free trial:
✔️ Easy-to-follow workouts
✔️ Powerful Mindful Meditations
✔️ Nutrition guidance (for faster results)
✔️ Supportive Stretchy Babe community
+so much more!!

Ready? Let's do this!

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    12 Min Intense Booty Lift

    Apr 15, 2021

    10 Min Dance Arms Toning Workout

    Apr 13, 2021

    10 Minute Butt Shaping Home Workout

    Apr 11, 2021