Build A Fit, Strong Ballet Body in 5 Days!

barre free challenge Jun 28, 2021
5-Day Free Ballet Body Bootcamp

Hi babe!

If you've been saying to yourself that you've been wanting to get back into a consistent workout routine, then my FREE 5-Day #BalletBody Bootcamp is for you!

Train like a ballerina at home, without any dance experience or equipment needed!

When you sign up, you'll receive 5 of my BEST full body, low impact 30-Minute Barre workouts that will: 

💪 Sculpt
💪 Stretch
💪 Strengthen
Your entire body 👙💕

I guarantee that if you follow this challenge, you're going to feel incredibly motivated & accomplished by the end!

We start together July 6.

What are you waiting for? Let's do this babe! 👊 



Here's How #BalletBody Works:

Sign up for the challenge here to find everything you'll for this challenge!!

OR you can download the Stretchy Fit app, where you can view the workout videos without wifi and have everything for the challenge in one place. 

Here’s an overview of each day of the #BalletBody Bootcamp. Each day gives you a full body burn and does NOT require equipment. However I give you options to add ankle weights and hand weights for an extra burn! 

Do each video once and check off as you go! Add in the bonus finishers for an extra challenge (links are in your challenge guide).

REMEMBER! You can also download the Stretchy Fit app to have the calendar and workout videos in one place to:
A) Make life a little easier and
B) Feel the satisfaction of getting that “workout complete” checkmark!


Hey Girlie, we hate spam too.

So when we send the occasional email, we make it worth your time. Sign up to get free instant access to my at-home Pilates Barre Workout!


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