How He Proposed (Our Engagement Vlog) 💍

Nov 10, 2021

They say perfection doesn’t exist, but I beg to differ! 

Every detail of this special day that Josh planned for me was just PERFECT. I've never felt so special in my life! From the surprise activity, to the surprise photographers, to the extra special surprise at the end - you'll just have to watch the video to see it all unfold! 

I can't stop watching our video and looking at pictures - it just makes me so happy!!!

And I'm so grateful that I get to share this with you.  

One thing that Josh said that meant the world to me - was that the engagement ring symbolizes my value, and that I get to look at it everyday and remind myself of how valuable I really am. 

You deserve that too. 

Can't wait for you to watch this. Be sure to comment on the video to let me know that you did! 

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