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FREE 30-Day Barre Program To Get In Wedding Shape!

Sep 04, 2022

Hey Girlie,

It’s time to say “I DO” to you!

Your new 30-day #BridalBarre program is perfect for anyone who wants to trim & tone up - no engagement ring necessary. This workout challenge was designed to give you results so that you can feel confident and connected to your body for any big event.

This program can be done right in your living room and only requires 30 minutes a day. We start together as a nationwide community on September 5th.

When you sign up you’ll receive 5 at-home barre workouts that will leave you feeling strong, graceful, beautiful & in LOVE with the process of transforming your body.

These workouts will:
🔥 LIFT your booty

🔥 TONE your legs

🔥 DEFINE your entire body

🔥 CALM your mind

I guarantee each day you will walk off your mat feeling strong, empowered & energized to take on your day! ✨

Here's How #BridalBarre Challenge Works:

Sign up for the challenge here to find everything you'll need for this challenge!!

OR better results, you can download the BRAND NEW Barre Definition App, where you can get access to exclusive finishers, recipes, and notifications to keep you on track.

Here’s your week of workouts:


Do each video with the community and check off as you go! Add in the bonus finishers for an extra challenge (download my Barre Definition app to access them).

REMEMBER! When you become a Barre Definition member, you have exclusive access to our monthly calendar and progress tracking technology in one place to:

  1. A) Stay accountable to your goals
    B) Have access to Jacquelyn’s exclusive 400+ on-demand workouts to define, and lean out your body
    C) Receive a personalized workout plan from our team specific to your goals!
    D) Join a community of like-minded women who will motivate, inspire and support you!

Have a girlfriend that would LOVE this challenge? Invite her to join in! We are better together, babe. 

Let’s get wedding season shredded!

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FREE 30-Day Barre Program To Get In Wedding Shape!

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