Guide to a Guilt-Free Holiday Season!

Nov 29, 2021

The holidays are one of my favorite times of the year, however, I understand that these final months of the year often make it more challenging to stick to your health & fitness goals.

Between the holiday parties, the delicious foods and just a busier schedj it’s definitely easier to let your fitness routine fall to the wayside. I’m all about balance and want you to feel empowered by your goals, not restricted. So here are my top tips to sticking to your goals AND enjoying the season:

1) Be flexible - This time of year gets BUSY so a 30 minute workout may just not fit into your schedj every day. That’s okay! I do want to encourage you to make movement a priority as much as possible. This can look like a walk with your family or a dance party in the living room to your favorite Christmas music.

If you find that you DO have 30 minutes to spare, I challenge you to crush this 30 min Full Body Barre workout. You’ll be feelin’ spicy & seriously accomplished when you’re done!

 2) Be accountable - These are your goals and you get to choose to stick to them. I’m all for enjoying the holidays and indulging here and there, but don’t use it as an excuse to completely fall off your workout routine and sabotage all your hard work. If you need a little extra motivation or encouragement I invite you to join the Stretchy Babe Girl Gang. It is the BEST community of women all over the world who are ready to motivate, encourage and inspire you! You can start your 7-day risk free trial of the Stretchy Fit app HERE.

3) Be selective - I know, there are SO MANY treats and tasty foods surrounding you this time of year & I’m not here to tell you not to enjoy your favorites. However, be picky about what treats you do choose to indulge in - aka: opt for your grandma’s special dessert she only makes one time a year over the store bought pie that probably isn’t as delicious as it looks. Also, when it comes to fixing your plate at these festivities, focus on prioritizing your protein. Protein will fill you up and keep you satisfied for longer without making you feel sluggish, weighed down and blah.

Now if you did indulge a little too much and you’re feelin’ blah I recommend doing this yoga flow for healthy digestion and healing:

 4) Be kind - Perfection is the thief of joy. Give yourself some slack and know that it’s okay if you skip a workout to spend time with family. Choose the moments and things worth savoring and don’t dwell on missing a workout or eating that slice of homemade pie. The Stretchy Fit App will ALWAYS be here ready to kick your booty into gear whenever you’re ready! ;)

I hope that this reminder gives you some peace around this time of year. Remember: the holidays are meant to be enjoyed not dreaded.

If you’re done doing it alone and ready to join the BEST girl gang around - you are invited to become a member of Stretchy Fit, where you can gain instant access to transformative home workout programs, slimming recipes and a community that actually cares. 


So grateful to be on this journey with you!

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