Workout Program To Stay Fit Through The Holidays (FREE)

Dec 19, 2021

Ho Ho Holy Moly, the holiday season has officially arrived!

With all the holiday shopping, parties & craziness that surrounds this time of year I wanted to create something that is for YOU and will have you feeling your best each and every day.

I know that finding time can be tricky which is why I kept all the workouts to 30 minutes or less - no gym needed!

Each workout is going to light up your body like a Christmas tree and have you feeling more jolly than Santa on Christmas morning. 

This 10-day workout plan incorporates all my best classes. You can look forward to HIIT, Barre, AMRAP, Sculpting, Yoga, Pilates, Fusion Workouts, & Meditation. Each day will be planned out for you and challenge you in a new and exciting way so that you never have to worry about what workout to do or getting bored.

Each workout will have modifications offered, and can be streamed anytime, anywhere.

This series is for all levels and requires no equipment. However, you’ll have the option to speed up your progress with ankle weights, hand weights, and booty band!

SIGN UP FREE!  & gain instant access to your challenge PDF with recipes, habit tracker & tips for a guilt-free holiday season!

Do each video with Stretchy Babe Nation and check off as you go (links are in your challenge guide).

LOOKING TO TRANSFORM YOUR BODY IN 4 WEEKS? When you become a Stretchy Fit member, you have exclusive access to our monthly calendar and progress tracking technology in one place to:

  1. A) Stay accountable to your goals
    B) Have access to Jacquelyn’s exclusive 400+ on-demand workouts to define, and lean out your body
    C) Receive a personalized workout plan from our team specific to your goals!

My hope is that you take care of yourself so that you feel your best and are able to enjoy the season. Just simply follow my plan and I guarantee a healthier, happier life. 

Let’s sleigh this holiday season & strut into the new year feeling confident, energized & STRETCHY FIT!

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