Is Barre A Good Workout?

Dec 07, 2021

When choosing a workout you probably have a list of wants that looks like this:

☑️ Strengthen your muscles

☑️ Tone your body

☑️ Transform your figure

☑️ Stretch your muscles

☑️ Burn fat

☑️ Is sustainable, efficient AND effective

With a list like that it seems impossible to find a workout style that checks all the boxes…

Until now 😉

The workout style that I have personally seen the best results with and makes up 75% of my weekly workout routine is BARRE.

It strengthens, shapes & stretches my muscles in a way that no other workout ever has. It’s a triple whammy workout and my secret weapon to a toned, strong, flexible body.

Here’s 3 reasons I LOVE barre:

1) Barre increases muscle density & speeds up weight loss
Barre classes work your muscles to the point of fatigue. When you are pushing your muscles to that threshold you are breaking down your muscle, which requires your body to rebuild those muscles & will kick up your metabolism & you turn into a fat-burning machine.

2) Barre is great for ALL levels

Wherever you find yourself on your fitness journey - barre is the perfect addition to add into your fitness routine a few days a week. It gives you the best of strengthening and stretching and will work your smaller muscle groups that are often neglected making it the perfect addition to your fitness regimen.

3) Barre is Safe, Effective & FUN!

Because of the low-impact nature of barre you are able to easily incorporate it into your routine multiple times a week without risking injury. I love the slow and controlled movements because it requires me to make that mind-muscle connection which always produces the best burn and results. You’ll find each time you come back to a barre workout you’re able to push yourself even one rep further. ;)

Barre will help you stand taller, feel stronger from head to toe, & challenge yourself in new and exciting ways!

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See you at the barre,

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