Is Dance Cardio A Good Workout?

Mar 16, 2022

One of my absolute FAVORITE ways to workout is through dance cardio.

It is so fun and I ALWAYS walk away feeling lighter, buzzing with energy and with extra pep in my step. 🐝⚡

It’s those endorphins, baby! It’s hard not to be happy when you’re dancing.

Don’t believe me? Pause right here, put on your favorite song, and dance around your living room.

… i’ll wait.

Okay, you’re back now and probably have a huge smile on your face, worked up a little bit of a sweat & can feel your heart racing. Dancing is absolutely a full body workout and the best part is that it is FUN! 💃🏻

Whether you consider yourself a good or bad dancer, it’s still an instant mood boost and has so many other health benefits.

Here’s some more reasons to get jiggy with it:

😊 Improved balance & coordination
😊 Improved mobility & flexibility
😊 Improved cardiovascular health
😊 Lean & defined muscles
😊 Helpful in weight loss
😊 Decreased stress & anxiety
😊 Helpful in self esteem

… just to name a few.

Dancing allows you to escape and let loose. It forces you to shake off the stress and feel sexy in your body.

Ready to boogie to your best body? Here’s a workout for you to get started with! MADE FOR NON-DANCERS!

The best part about an online workout is that you can do it in the privacy of your own home so you really can dance like nobody's watching. PLUS you can pause and rewind until you have a sequence or move down.

I have an entire Dance Cardio category inside my Stretchy Fit app that members RAVE about. They say that the classes make them feel confident, empowered & young! I even have an exclusive 4-part dance series with Chloe Corpuz - a former Laker & Knicks dancer. She cues you through every movement with a smile, encourages you to bring out the sass, and cheers you on every beat.

One of her biggest tips for beginners is to just do what you can and keep practicing. Don’t focus on executing every single move perfectly the first few times. Just like anything, when first starting out you are not going to be a pro and that is okay. The success is in the repetition and consistency. Keep coming back to the workout and you will notice improved coordination, rhythm and confidence.

You can unlock those videos with Chloe inside my Stretchy Fit app HERE.

In conclusion, put on the Napoleon Dynamite confidence and just have fun with it. If a move doesn’t work for you, swap it for something that makes you feel sassy and sexy.

Ready to shake up your workout routine? Put on your dancing shoes and meet me here.

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