40 Min Lean Definition Barre Workout

30-45 minutes ankle weights barre hand weights Sep 28, 2021
Lean Definition Barre Workout

Today is a good day to have a good day.

With cooler weather around the corner, and less sunshine, it's so important to keep moving your body everyday for continued immune boosting strength. 

It is my highest intention to provide you with the resources, knowledge, and support you need to feel and look your absolute best, and I'm truly honored that you're here reading this! 

Today's 40 Min Full Body Barre Definition For Lean Muscles is a special one - it's filled with my unique exercises that moves your body in a way that most other workouts don't. I promise you'll feel better and more confident than when you started the workout. 

This workout is guaranteed to leave you feeling better than when you started. Only take this class if you want to define lean muscles, sweat, and have fun! 😉

Equipment: ankle weights, light 3 lb hand weights, and yourself! If you don't have equipment definitely still join us, you can totally still get a sweat without 'em.

Level: All levels

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