Pelvic Floor Health: Why It Matters

Jul 13, 2022

Power to the pelvis, babe!

Most people will link pelvic floor health to pregnancy and Diastasis Recti. While that is a major component it’s deeper than that. A weak pelvic floor can result in tailbone pain, sciatica, constipation, increased menstrual pain, low back/hip pain. Just to name a few.

So even if you’re not in active pain or haven’t had babies yet or just think you’re too young to be concerned with your PF, allow me to gently nudge you to continue reading.

Your pelvic floor and core muscles act as the foundation for the rest of the body. When these parts aren’t functioning at their optimal level, the rest of your body suffers. They are small but mighty muscles - so taking the time to educate yourself about this area of your body is important.

Five signs of a weak pelvic floor:

  1. Having to pee every 3 hours or involuntary leaking
  2. Pain with tampon use
  3. Persistent constipation or hemorrhoids
  4. Tailbone or low back pain
  5. Difficulty reaching orgasm

Activating and strengthening these muscles will help heal these issues and create a firm foundation that will truly allow you to BLOOM!

Five of my favorite poses for pelvic floor pain:

These poses are great for relief, however, the real magic is in consistent strengthening.

Knowing your body helps you take care of your body and taking care of your body is the best act of self love.

If you are interested in classes directly related to women’s health and strengthening your Pelvic Floor you can find exclusive classes inside my Stretchy Fit app. These videos will help you create a meaningful, deep connection and appreciation for your body while also giving you exercises and cues so that you can strengthen with confidence.

You can unlock these classes by signing up for my Stretchy Fit app here. You get a 7-day free trial upon signing up and will get an entire week to explore my 300+ barre, pilates, hiit, yoga workout and wellness classes.

Remember babe, it’s never too late or too early to work on your pelvic floor.

Time to reconnect, recover and release.

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