SHRED your abs in 15 min!

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Chisel your core in this 15 minute intense standing abs workout!

Alongside the abs and core are the shoulders, arms, chest and back, so we'll be getting a great upper body workout too!

💥 26 exercises
💥 30 seconds each
💥 no repeats

Your core is about to be CRYING in the best way possible. 😏

Tips to get the MOST out of this workout:

1️⃣ If you are a total beginner, do this a few times without the hand weights, then add them in as you get stronger
2️⃣ Keep your core tight throughout to protect your back
3️⃣ Do this workout 3x/week for best results!

Check in with me after you complete this #corecrusher by posting a sweaty selfie and tagging me on Instagram (@actionjacquelyn). 🤳

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