At-Home Weight Loss Workout

Nov 16, 2021

Full Body Fat Burn comin' in HOT! 🔥

This 30 minute Cardio Barre home workout for weight loss will:

💥  boost your metabolism for an all day calorie burn
💥 electrify your body with energy & endorphins
tone all your muscles through a fusion of ballet-inspired & functional exercises
💥 leave you feeling accomplished AF & ready to conquer your day!

I'll be right there doing every rep & pulse with you - simply just follow along to define your lean, beautiful muscles.

Equipment: No equipment is required.
Light hand weights are optional. (I'm using 2 x 3 lbs) 

👉 Craving more workouts like this one? Start your 7-day risk-free trial of the Stretchy Fit app where I have an entire cardio barre category for you to pick from! See you inside!

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