How To Start Working Out - The Beginner's Guide

Oct 11, 2021

Hey boo 👻 

What if I told you that you could actually enjoy and look forward to your workout *gasp* would you believe me?!

Well keep reading because you’re in for a treat..  😏

When first starting out on your fitness journey it is so important that you find an exercise style that you like - because let’s be real, the fitness routine that you are most likely to stick to is the one you actually enjoy.

When you are able to look forward to your workout then you are more likely to create the space in your schedule for it.

I also know that when first starting out the thought of going to a gym can feel overwhelming and intimidating. I totally get it and am here to offer you a solution for all the above.

Head on over to my YouTube channel for your personal at-home workout experience. Here’s a few of my favorite beginner workouts to get you started. 

👉 Start off slow and steady with this 20 Min Beginner Yoga flow that will ease you into the practice of yoga and leave you glowing all day:


👉 Tone, tighten & tap into your inner ballerina in this gentle Barre Sculpt class, perfect for when you’re just getting back into working out:


👉 Want to shake things up? Try this beginner/intermediate Dancer Pilates mash-up that will tone every inch of your body in 30 minutes, without any equipment:

: get ready to radiate with the Stretchy Fit GLOW!

These are just a starting point, you’ll see that there are hundreds of FREE workouts for you to choose from no matter what level you’re at! As well as spicy challenges to take things up a notch (Six-Pack Abs Challenge or 30 Day Sculpted Barre Leg Challenge).

If you’re looking for extra accountability I invite you to start your FREE trial of my Stretchy Fit app. Not only will you have a 4-week transformation program to tone, lift, stretch, and lose weight, you’ll also instantly be plugged into the Stretchy Babe community that will cheer you on every step of the way.

Plus, you get access to my library of slimming recipes to accelerate your results!

Stretchy Fit is unlike any app you’ve ever experienced before. With over 450+ different workout classes (barre, pilates, HIIT, yoga, dance cardio) you’ll never be bored. 

My main intention with each workout is for you to walk off the mat feeling confident AF and like you can conquer the world. So play around with different workout styles and find the one that fits you best & makes you feel absolutely unstoppable.

Not ready to sign up yet? No worries babe. Start with my YouTube channel and get in your workout flow. The app will be waiting for you when you’re ready. :) Just make sure to SUBSCRIBE when you’re there so that you never miss my 2x/week workout releases!

I also have FREE guides for you to follow to help you get back on track! You can gain instant access to all the guides HERE.

My recommendation is my Ballet Body 5-Day Bootcamp! Each class is going to leave you feelin’ fit, fiesty & full of energy in 30 min! 🥳 Bring all the benefits of a barre class straight to your living room by signing up for FREE HERE.

I cannot wait to hear how AMAZING you feel after every workout - make sure to tag me @actionjacquelyn & @stretchyfitapp so that I can *show you off*! I love seeing your check-in posts! They are so inspiring!

⭐️ which workout are you excited to try?

⭐️ what is your WHY for wanting to start your fitness journey?

⭐️ what is your favorite part about working out?

Let me know below - I can’t wait to hear from you! 🤩

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