Full Body Yoga For Stress & Anxiety Relief

rest and recovery stretches yoga Oct 14, 2021

I'm impatient. I don’t like waiting.

But I learned sometimes you need to slow down and repair in order to come back stronger and more resilient.

This is why I created this relaxing 30 Minute Yoga Stretch for Stress & Anxiety Relief for you to: 

✅ Pause
✅ Connect
✅ Breathe
✅ Let Go
✅ Trust

And the more you do this for yourself now, the more you’ll have:
👉 Less pain
👉 Less injuries
👉 Less stress

And a better quality of life ❤️

In this video I'm using my favorite non-toxic yoga bolster from Brentwood Home. Use my code ACTIONJACQUELYN20 for 20% savings!!! 


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