Ladies: Wanna Lose Weight Without Starving Yourself & Finally Solve Your Mysterious Bloating Problem?

Learn how to lose weight safely, solve your bloating & digestive issues, and take control of your eating habits... all without supplements, shakes, fasting or complicated protocols.


Imagine If...


….your body was no longer a mystery knew how to solve your weight & gut issues no longer had power over you

...instead, you were able to use food to heal your body felt empowered in your food choices and confident in your body


Do you want this to be YOUR reality?

Heal My Gut is your formula to achieve ALL of this and more!

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The 6-Week high touch group coaching program designed to help you holistically lose weight & keep it off without starving yourself and finally solve your bloating and indigestion problems WITHOUT supplements, shakes, fasting or complicated protocols.

You're about to...

Lose Weight

Effortlessly lose weight and keep it off without supplements, shakes, or bars. Eat when you want, as much as you want, and watch the weight and inflammation naturally leave your body.  food your body uses as fuel, eat as much as you want and keeps you full.


Finally solve the mystery of bloating, constipation, gas, and the number of digestive issues that accompany it. You don't have to live with bloating anymore - in fact, it's not normal to constantly be bloating. Finally reveal the true you without the excess bloat.


Heal your body and rebalance your hormones through a simple meal plan that allows your body to enter a healing state: giving you abundant energy, clearing your brain fog, and curbing your sugar addictions for good - so you can finally be in control of your eating habits.

Is This You?

👉You’re noticing you can't just cut calories to lose weight like you used to

👉You have uncontrollable cravings and are always fatigued

👉You're frequently bloated, gassy or constipated

👉No matter what you try to lose weight and debloat, nothing seems to work

👉No one has been able to give you a straight answer as to why you're experiencing your digestive issues

👉People have told you weight gain is natural as you age...and maybe your gut issues are irreversible and you should just accept it

👉But you know there's a holistic solution out there for you and you're willing to do whatever it takes to heal your body

If one or ALL of those resonate with you...
Heal My Gut is your next right step.

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Eat Until You're Satisfied and Still Lose Weight

What Our Clients Are Saying


"I lost weight and gained muscle tone without starving myself"

In the five weeks, I was able to lose weight and gain muscle tone without starving myself, while working out less intensely than I had for the last year and a half without results. I threw away the supplements, cancelled my subscriptions, and feel less weighed down mentally and physically.



What's Included

7 Live Coaching Calls

24/7 Text Support

6 Week Workout Plan

6 Week Meal Plan & Shopping Guides

Community Motivation & Accountability


How It Works:


✓ Proven Process for Results

✓ Unlimited On-Demand Support

✓ Direct Accountability

✓ Supportive Community

✓ Comprehensive Education

🙋‍♀️ This is for you IF...

  • You want to lose stubborn belly fat
  • You’re sick of counting calories and/or starving yourself
  • You bloat no matter what you try 
  • You thrive with a clear step by step process
  • You see the value in personal coaching
  • You're committed AF to achieving your body goals

🙅‍♀️ This isn't for you IF...

  • You’re looking for a cheap ‘magic pill’
  • You’re not willing to make any changes to your current lifestyle
  • You’re not able to eat red meat
  • You’re looking for a vegan/vegetarian plan
  • You’re not open minded and coachable 
  • You don’t take your goals seriously and you don’t consider investing in yourself

The Formula

Hormone Balance

The main reason why most men and women can’t seem to lose weight as they get older is because of some type of hormone imbalance. This is why our goal is balancing your hormones. This will allow you to heal your metabolism and break through any weight loss plateau and allow you to lose weight naturally. Also experience stable energy, no longer experience those energy crashes halfway through the day.

Address Bloating

It’s the most frustrating thing when you feel 9 months pregnant after every meal. It’s my mission to make sure that you no longer have to worry about this again! We’ll be sharing with you the straight forward answers behind why you bloat and help you discover what it feels like to not bloat after every meal!

Repair The Gut

In this process you’ll be reversing years of damage by addressing the root cause of gut issues. Discover what those factors are and what it truly feels like to heal your gut. As a by product experience clearer skin and less mood swings for an overall more positive energy.

Strengthen Your Body

Connect to your body, improve your strength and increase your mobility with a personalized and easy to follow workout routine. Get access to your 6-week workout program inside the Stretchy Fit App to go alongside your nutrition. Receive access to a balance of body weight training and yoga - all of which you can do at home with minimal equipment. 

Reprogram Your Mind For Success

Our core beliefs are what determine our thought process, feelings and behavior and if left un-checked can cause us to self-sabotage our own results without realizing it. In the program you’ll learn my signature 9-step belief busting process to break through what’s blocking you from losing weight and solving your gut issues so you can finally feel in control of your body again.

Heal Your Relationship With Food

No longer be controlled by your cravings and binge, or be afraid of food and starve yourself. Discover how to develop a positive relationship with food at home and out in social settings. You’ll be able to eat when you’re hungry, eat until you’re full and lose weight at the same time. You won’t have anxiety around food making you gain weight either. Finally feel in control and SATISFIED with your eating habits and STILL have the body you want.

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How This Is Different

What You Won't Be Doing

✖️Annoying time-consuming protocols

✖️Suffering from bloating

✖️Buying Shakes, Supplements, Bars

✖️Spending Hours Meal-Prepping

✖️Fasting and Starving Yourself

✖️Stressing Yourself Out

✖️Struggling On Your Own

What You Will Be Doing

✓ Learning the simple healing process

✓ Dropping weight naturally

✓ Eating Real Food

✓ Spending Less Time in the Kitchen

✓ Satisfying your hunger

✓ Healing Your Body

✓ Guided & Supported Everyday




…no longer feel confused about what food works for your body


...have solved your bloating issues and fixed your digestion


…fit into your clothes again and feel amazing in your body


...wake up excited to start your day in a body you feel proud of


...beam with confidence knowing you're making the most of each meal, each moment & each choice


"Heal My Gut has been a total game-changer"

"Heal My Gut has been a total 'game changer' for me - I have lost weight, no more bloating and inflammation, my body composition, exercise performance is so much stronger and my hormonal metabolic health is stable.

HMG has given me the Power to Control my body and to be able to lead a healthy lifestyle that is holistically sustainable for Life."



Hi, I'm Jacquelyn!

I’m the creator of Heal My Gut, my signature holistic weight loss program to help struggling women reset their bodies to a healthy weight. I’m going to share with you how the heck I got here, and why I’m SO obsessed about this holistic approach to weight loss.

I know what it’s like to be in a constant struggle to maintain body weight/image. I was a ballerina, a professional dancer and a celebrity trainer and for most of my life losing weight was always so confusing. I would mostly resort to starving myself, and when I did eat I would feel fearful and guilty that it would make me gain weight.

Now on the surface, it might seem like I have it all together, but underneath I’ve actually struggled with some serious health conditions I never come out about. I’ve struggled with extreme digestive issues, bloating after every meal, embarrassing gas, constipation to the point of hemorrhoids, amenorrhea from being anemic, huge painful cystic acne on my face & back, fatigue & low energy to the point of falling asleep while driving, and even eye floaters! YET I was so “healthy” working out all the time...doing everything I’m “supposed to be doing”. I felt "fine" but these symptoms were all a huge mystery to me.

So what did I do for all this? I saw doctors, naturopaths, GI doctors, dermatologists and they would want me to get extreme procedures or leave me with antibiotics and supplements that only made my problems WORSE. The dermatologist even told me, “well, you’re in your 30s now and cystic acne is hormonal so you’re most likely going to have it until you hit menopause.” I was like WHAT?!!!!

At that moment I had to take matters into my own hands and seek out the answers on my own. So I did what most people do when they’re desperate yet determined, I researched & researched & tried and tested every holistic approach you could think of. I tried paleo, low fat, atkins, low calorie, carb cycling, intuitive eating (eat wtf I want), binge eating, dairy free, gluten free, intermittent fasting, the bulletproof diet, shake detoxes, juice cleanses, plant-based and even tried vegan….NONE of which worked for me.

I thought my metabolism was slowing down because I’m “in my 30’s now” and was just meant to accept that this is “just the way it is now”.

Finally, on my journey of testing, I found the method that WORKED. 

I lost weight without even trying! The puffiness in my face went away and I saw my abs for the first time. Most importantly, the painful bloating was completely gone. My tummy was flat after every meal. The embarrassing gas went away completely. My digestive system *flowed* without the annoying constipation. My cycle had regulated back to normal. The painful cystic acne went away. My energy was steady throughout the day without crashing or fatiguing. The uncontrollable binging went away. 

After getting these results I couldn’t just keep this method a secret. I HAD to share this because I know there’s so many women out there with a similar story that are still looking for answers.

For this reason, I created the Heal My Gut to help struggling women gain back control of their health and holistically reset their body to a healthy weight.

If you feel stuck in your weight loss journey and any of this resonated with you, then click the button below to apply for Heal My Gut and make this the year you get some answers and take back control of your health.

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"I've lost so much weight"


"My bikini is too big"

"I haven't turned to food for comfort"

"Feel 100% better!"

"My weight loss battle is over"

"I have for decades been in a weight loss battle with myself, suffered from bloating and indigestion issues and joint pain and inflammation. Since I’ve started the plan my weight loss battle is over - I feel I can lose weight but not feel I’m on a diet. My bloating has gone, inflammatory symptoms gone, joint pain gone, indigestion issues gone. I feel slimmer, healthier and more flexible than perhaps ever!"

-Rich, 45

"My body is healing"