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WAIT: Getting injured from typing, texting, & sitting ALL DAY? 👩‍💻

Reduce the pain of sitting in poor posture all day with GET STRETCHY AT WORK - now at 80% off! My therapeutic yoga stretching & mobility 30-day program is designed to prevent injuries, improve posture, and reduce pain with 5-10 minute desk-stretching videos for all levels. Love it or your money back.

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Get Stretchy


Get Stretchy is a 30 Day Stretching and Wellness Plan to relieve pain, drastically increase flexibility, cultivate inner peace, and reduce stress and anxiety. Stay accountable with the #getstretchysquad community so you can achieve your highest state of health.







Love it or your money back!

Try this program completely risk free with your 30 day 100% money back guarantee


  • 25 Follow-Along Flexibility Training Videos modified for ALL FITNESS LEVELS
  • 4 Breathing Meditation Videos for optimal physical performance and mental clarity
  • Powerful and proven breath-work in each video to maximize your body's fullest range of motion
  • Meditative and motivational stretching classes to become present and fully experience your one and only life
  • BONUS! Access to ME in our Private and loving Facebook community and constant support
  • BONUS! ALL 7 videos, daily mantras, and journal from the 7 Day Stretching Challenge!

What People Are Saying:

I needed this tonight. All day I’ve had those creeping thoughts entering my mind that I’m not getting better. However, I kept hearing your voice in my head and I knew I had to stretch tonight or I’d be giving in. Then voila of course tonight was the perfect thing for me! Thanks for being real and showing me how to stay focused on my goals!


Almost done with my full second month of GS2.0! I love it and it adds a good structure to my days.


I'm on Day 9 of Get Stretchy 2.0 and I feel like it's the best thing I have done for my body in a long time, and the short videos make it so easy to just do it even when I don't feel like it. Thank you so much for creating this program.


I had low back pain when I woke up up, and it seems to have evaporated over the course of just one video.


The breath that yoga gives me in the morning is so refreshing! And the space that today's movements created in the neck and shoulder area is liberating!


Such a great way to end the evening with a great hamstring stretch. Kind of relieved everything in mind and body. Now to rest. Good night :)


This practice was special. The intention of vulnerability which can be scary was actually comfortable and refreshing to be vulnerable with myself. Loved and loving this program! So glad we found each other!


I'm a total beginner, starting with zero flexibility, and that stretch across the blocks! OMG. I sit at a laptop all day and that was the best feeling. Three days in (the program) and I know this course was worth it just to find that stretch. I'm doing it everyday now when I'm home from the office.


I love the stretches and mindset Jacquelyn shares with us, and the discipline and self-awareness that come by following her program.


I am so glad that I joined this Get Stretchy program. I am getting better sleep quality as I was waking during the night due to tightness and chronic muscle spasm due to my ailments. I am also discovering areas of tightness that is getting attention.

Lisa G.

My range of motion has increased and my body movement feels so much easier. This keeps my mood and attitude happy and positive. I think this also definitely contributes to an increased cognitive performance.