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Hi, I'm Jacquelyn Umof, the creator of Get Stretchy.

I wasn't always this bendy. I used to struggle with flexibility and injure myself all the time.

I tore my hamstring due to tightness, which put me on the bench when I was cheerleader for USC.

And then I fractured my tibia when I was a professional ballerina, which demoted me down to an understudy instead of performing on stage where I wanted to be.

Then I pinched my sciatica while I was dancing professionally as a Laker Girl because I did not take the time to properly heal my past hamstring injury.

If I'm not stretching, my body will tighten up, and I will injure myself.

Then I realized that I wasn’t the only one who continually struggled with injury and pain, and that so many women around me also wanted to feel less restricted and more free in their own body.

If that sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

You're not alone.

So how did I go from being injured all the time to feeling completely free and mobile in my body?

Doing near-contortion yoga poses?

By stretching, consistently!

What I've learned over the years with myself and my clients is that people who are flexible have a consistent stretching program.

That's why I created Get Stretchy.

All you need is 10-20 minutes each day.

I will walk you through everything, every single day.

Let's get stretchy, together.

What is Get Stretchy?

A 30 day program that focuses on improving flexibility and mobility with easy to digest, 15 minute videos.

1. Stretch

Follow-Along Flexibility Training Videos 10-15 minutes long each, modified for ALL FITNESS LEVELS. Stretch your hips, thighs, hamstrings, calves, feet, shoulders, chest, abs, low back, and thoracic spine.

2. Breathe

Combine stretching with breathing to maximize range of motion, unlock aerobic capacity,  and improve stamina. Plus, combining the two also boosts your mood and opens you up to being present and fully experiencing life.

3. Restore

Restore your body for the ultimate recovery, so you can get back into doing the things you love with more energy, and less pain. While also preventing future injuries from happening.

Don't take my word for it

Here's what the #GetStretchySquad has to say about the program...

"I feel like stretching helps my mental wellbeing feeling comfortable in the body I have and is good for my soul. It makes me more aware of being alive and try to live a life of forward movement instead of being sedative and complacent. Stretching with Jacquelyn makes me feel more comfortable in my own skin."
- Lisa

"My range of motion has increased and my body movement feels so much easier. This keeps my mood and attitude happy and positive. I think this also definitely contributes to an increased cognitive performance."
- Fred

"I am so glad that I joined this Get Stretchy program. I am getting better sleep quality as I was waking during the night due to tightness and chronic muscle spasm due to my ailments. I am also discovering areas of tightness that is getting attention."
- Lisa G

"I love the stretches and mindset Jacquelyn shares with us, and the discipline and self-awareness that come by following her program."
- Madison

What do you get?

Morning Mobility Series

Set an upbeat tone to your day with 10-15 min videos that energize and mobilize your entire body. Each class is muscle focused for goal-oriented results.

  • Over 80 mobility exercises
  • 10 morning mobility videos
  • 3 powerful dynamic breathing exercises
  • 15 back exercises to free yourself from tightness and fatigue
  • 8 upper spine exercises to open the chest, shoulders and improve backbends and posture
  • 5 Thoracic spine openers (great for athletes that twist, like gold, tennis, boxing and surfing)
  • Over 20 hamstring mobility exercises and stretches
  • Over 20 hip mobility exercises and stretches
  • Total Body flexibility flow
  • Understand yoga technique
  • Improve your body alignment and awareness

VALUE $149

Evening Flexibility Series

Take your range of motion to the next level with longer holds and deeper breathing. You'll fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer too.

  • Over 80 flexibility poses
  • 10 evening flexibility videos
  • 15 back exercises to free yourself from tightness and fatigue
  • 8 upper spine exercises to open the chest, shoulders and improve backbends and posture
  • 5 upper back poses for increased extension / flexion range of motion
  • 5 shoulder opening stretches
  • 6 foot / ankle / calf strengthening, stretching and overall mobility
  • Over 20 hip deep stretches and restorative poses
  • My 5 favorite deep quad opening stretch series
  • 3 neck release stretches

VALUE $149

Low Back Restorative

Release pain and tension in your low back. FINALLY, it's time to let go of all the stress and tightness that has been harboring in your spine.

  • 25 minute follow along restorative yoga video focused solely on relieving pain in your low back
  • Understanding of your body and how you can free your body
  • 6 restorative poses
  • Deep relaxation meditation that will guide you towards healing


Moving Meditations

You are your thoughts. Move and stretch your way to a positive and motivated mind. Check out all 20 themes below:

Empowerment, Clarity, Vulnerability, Freedom, Intuition, Commitment, Resilience, Surrender, Inner Strength, Worthy, Forgiveness, Trust, Joy, Holding Space, Abundance, Positive Self Talk, Authenticity, Gratitude, Courage, and Self-Love


Course Downloads

Prepare, write, educate, track, and assess your way towards your goal.

  • Flexibility Assessment
  • Get Stretchy Program Calendar
  • Get Stretchy E-book: Stretching Do's and Don'ts
  • Goals Worksheet
  • Pre-Course Checklist
  • Personal Tracking System


PLUS you get these FREE Bonuses

BONUS #1: Private Facebook Group Community

Be supported and stay motivated on your journey by a loving and connected community. Community is one the most essential elements of a strong life. Life is up and down, and when you have a home you can always return to, where others will lift you up, you will always rise again. We need the support of others, so let's do this together.

  • Support and accountability from ME
  • Private FB Lives to ask specific questions from me
  • Bond and stay motivated with hundreds of like-minded women
  • Accelerate your growth with 24/7 forever access


BONUS #2: Deep Relaxation Meditation

  • Step by step guided savasana meditation
  • Use this after one of your Get Stretchy videos
  • Play the video anytime you want to experience a deep relaxation


BONUS #3: Pranayama - Breathing Training (4 Videos)

Breath training is BY FAR The most powerful way to improve your cognitive performance, create an intimate connection with yourself, and handle stress in your life like A BOSS! By breathing slowly and steadily you will calm your mind. As you change your rate of breathing, you change your state of mind. The mind follows the breath, and the body follows the mind. Learn the skill of mindful breathing through your 4 breathing videos.

  • Video 1: Breath of Fire
  • Video 2: 1 Minute Breath Meditation
  • Video 3: Long Deep Breathing
  • Video 4: Alternate Nostril Breathing

VALUE $199

BONUS #4: Touch Your Toes

A bonus video for you to focus specifically on touching your toes. There is a strategy to doing this, and this video will show you exactly how I mentally and physically trained my body to touch my toes.

  • Step by step guide to touch your toes
  • 4 ways to improve your hamstring flexibility
  • 2 strategies to build stability with flexibility
  • Understanding of functional hip flexion and hamstring mobility


BONUS #5: All of the Challenge Videos

Permanent access to all of the challenge videos! Exclusive only for my Get Stretchy Squad.

  • All 7 challenge videos
  • Learn the foundations of the most common yoga poses and stretches
  • Improve your practice
  • Breathing techniques

VALUE $199

That's a TOTAL VALUE of $1,130!

Unlock Your Body's Maximum Flexibility NOW

A private one-hour training session with me costs $300.

This program is over 8 hours of flexibility and mobility training, and provides so much more than I could ever provide in just one hour training session.

It is my mission in life to make you flexible and mobile again, and help as many people as possible, so you can free yourself from pain and distraction, and heal yourself... all for the one-time fee of $197 because I don't want anything standing in the way between you and experiencing the benefits of stretching, I've reduced it all the way down to ONLY $197, for lifetime access!!!

$1,130 Total Value


One-time fee. Lifetime access.

-> YES! I want to Get Stretchy NOW!

You have to watch this.. you'll relate to her story.

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommend you do this program 4 times a year. This is a 30-day program, so begin the plan as soon as you sign up, and don't stop for 30 days. Since you have LIFETIME ACCESS to the course, then in about another month or two, repeat the course again, and so forth. With Get Stretchy you know that you will always have a stretching routine at your fingertips. 

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

YES!! You don't need any prior yoga experience to do this program. I will teach you everything, and then some. 

That's amazing! Now is the time to maintain your body, improve your breathing, become aware of where there might be tightness in your body and learn how to stretch those areas to prevent the possibility of pain and injuries in the future. 

Awesome! This course is perfect for you then. The 15 minute videos are perfect for you to do when you're traveling. You will also learn technique that most group yoga classes don't cover, plus you'll also learn and use pranayama techniques to improve your lungs and circulation, as well as positive mindful meditations. And with our crazy to-do lists, having quick yoga videos that will shift you into a positive state of mind is essential for a motivated and productive life.

No! Quite the opposite. This program will help you increase your body awareness, which means you'll be more in tune with your body and breath and less likely to injure yourself. You'll also be able to increase mobility in places like your hips, hamstrings, and torso, which will allow you to be a more agile and free moving athlete.

No such thing as being bad at yoga!! You do not need any yoga experience to do this program. I will teach you everything you need to know, show you modifications, and keep you safe everyday. Your flexibility will improve, and so will your yoga practice.

This course does not guarantee that you will be able to do the splits or touch your toes in 30 days. Everybody has a different starting point, so you may take longer than 30 days. Keep repeating the course until you achieve your desired results.

When you enroll in Get Stretchy, you will create a unique login to the online program. Your profile will track your progress and let you know where you last left off. You will be able to access the course on your desktop computer, through an internet browser on your phone, or through the Action Jacquelyn app. Students also love connecting their computer to their TV for maximum viewing!

The program is laid out for you to do two videos each day, 7 days a week. One video in the morning, and one video in the evening. You also have the option to give yourself a rest after each video with the 3 minute savasana meditation video. Each video is  about 10-15 minutes long. The morning mobility videos are dynamic and energizing, and the evening videos are restorative and restful. Both videos will work to increase your flexibility and range of motion, and improve your breathing and lung capacity. If you only have time to do one video per day, that is totally fine.

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

Who is this program for?


  • Increase your flexibility
  • Connect and understand your body
  • Breathe easier
  • Move better
  • Unlock your body's maximum range of motion
  • No yoga experience required for this program

Desk Sitters

  • Mobilize your stiff body
  • Reverse hours and hours of degenerative sitting
  • Re-energize and revitalize
  • Breathe deeply to destress and manage challenges
  • Decrease distracting pain and pinching while at work

Athletes / Weight Lifters

  • Increase range of motion through static and dynamic stretches
  • Improve athletic performance and prepare your joints for explosive and complex movements
  • Prevent injuries by increasing awareness and proprioception within your own body
  • Relieve the tightness caused by lifting heavy and training hard

The Get Stretchy Secret Sauce...

Combine Stretching + Breath Work = Maximum Flexibility

By applying the right stretching techniques, you can expect to:
  • Get rid of low back pain
  • Move easier
  • Touch your toes
  • Prevent injuries
  • Get rid of neck pain
  • Do cool yoga poses

By applying the right breath-work techniques, you can expect to:
  • Unlock your aerobic capacity
  • Heighten oxygen levels
  • Gain mental toughness
  • Create inner peace
  • Manage stress easily
  • Improve endurance and stamina

From the combo of Stretching + Breathing you can expect to:
  • Maximize total body range of motion
  • Tap into your body's fullest potential
  • Explore your edge
  • Feel completely connected and present in your mind and body

The Get Stretchy method of COMBINING Stretching + Breathing allows you to go deeper within yourself, and the deeper you go, the higher you rise.

Try it out 100% Risk-Free!

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

My promise: Purchase today 100% risk-free because Get Stretchy comes with a Full 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

One Time Payment. No Contracts. No Hidden Fees. No Long Term Commitments. Lifetime Access.

Only $197

More Real People. More Real Results.

You might relate to their struggles and how they overcame pain and tightness in a short amount of time.


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