Want To LIFT Your Booty In 5 Days Without Going To The Gym?

LIFT Your Booty, TONE Your Legs & KICKSTART Your Fitness Routine with my Exclusive Barre Booty Lift Series. Receive Five 30min Professional Barre Classes, Upper Body Finishers, Recipes, & A Bonus PDF Guide.
A $299 value, TOTALLY FREE.

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Hi! I'm Jacquelyn

I'm so excited for you to get started in my Barre Booty Lift Series! I believe that you get to feel beautiful in your body everyday!

I've created a unique Barre training program that will LIFT your booty and define your feminine physique, while being gentle on your body too! In this bootcamp I'll be taking you through sculpting Barre classes inspired from my experience as a professional ballerina, dancer & celebrity trainer that will leave you feeling strong, graceful, and beautiful.

Put on your favorite leg warmers, throw your hair up in a messy bun & meet me at the barre, because your strongest Ballet body starts today! (No ballet experience or leg warmers required) 😊

 Leave your best email for me to send it to.